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What we offer

Dedicated to integrity, built with quality

Green Knight, LLC is dedicated to the innovation of the pressure washer industry. We believe integrity and quality are the principles in which all divisions of Green Knight, LLC should be operated with. Every piece of custom built equipment, every training course, every parts order, and every chemical we produce is made with the end users best interest at heart.  We welcome the customers challenging projects and high expectations with open arms.  We specialize in “out the box” solutions.


We design our systems to meet your needs, no matter the situation.  We have built machines for nearly every market, and we are always looking for a new challenge.

We realize not every unit needs to be custom built!  We have partnered with All American Cleaning Systems to bring you the best units at the most affordable prices. has financing solutions for low all types of credit scores.  They also work with peole that are stating a new business or have a bankruptcy in the past.  Call us for more information!!